Security and Close Protection Specialists

Shaun West Associates is an integrated partner operating within the global security market.

Based in the North East of England, delivering solutions across a wide range of security requirements. With the highest calibre of experience, alongside a passion for the industry, we provide discreet and effective solutions to your security requirements, whether that be looking after yourself, your loved ones, property and assets or your business.

Trusting Us

For us its all about the promise. We don’t just provide operational security and investigation services, but also a level of client service that we believe to be the best in the business.

Out there our team represents our ethos and our beliefs, our commitment and our doctrine. The very reasons why we got into the industry are channeled through our people.

You’re looking for many things in a security partner, but it all boils down to trust. Our promise is that we won’t let you down.

Trust in our ability, trust in our desire to understand your unique situation, trust in our method of delivery, trust in our intellect and our experience.


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About Shaun

Shaun is the managing director of the company and is a motivated and disciplined Security Specialist with considerable experience gained in the Private Sector Security Industry.

Shaun is extensively trained in Close Protection with an in depth knowledge of, and proven track record in, all aspects of risk assessment and threat avoidance. Excellent leadership skills, with proven ability in protective security in all phases of pre-planning assessment, design in planning and implementation of security measures and procedures, use of technology and liaison with external agencies across an international portfolio.

Shaun is a former Non Commissioned Officer in the British Army where he served with the elite Parachute Regiment and gained operational experience in a variety of countries including: Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Sierra Leonne, Guinea, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Cyprus, Canada and the US.

Shaun brings extensive experience in regard to the delivery of training, having deployed into Africa on a number of occasions delivering private security training on a Presidential level.


Shaun is also a director of the British Bodyguard Association and is heavily involved in the publication of the Circuit Magazine.

What We Do

Shaun West Associates do not to look to compete with the standard security market and will not provide unskilled, light experienced individuals. We provide dedication, operational maturity, enterprise and a whole lot more; but certainly not any less.

Communication is key when it comes to dealing with us.  The first step of all projects is to ensure communication with the client is exceptional at all times in order to maintain the highest level of success within the custom built security plan.

At all times the highest levels of confidentiality and ethical standards will be maintained. Each individual client’s right to privacy and confidentiality is carefully respected with all associates entering each project with the safety of the client at the forefront of their mind.

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Close Protection

Shaun West Associates have extensive experience and knowledge in providing first class Close Protection services across a range of specific requirements.

Whether the client is a high profile businessperson, a celebrity or someone who has to attend a volatile environment, we can not only provide protection to the individual but also encourage piece of mind so that the client can concentrate wholly on the task at hand, whether it be a public appearance, matter of business or tour.

Close Protection will not only provide you with a solution to potential threats, but also act as a deterrent to anyone who may wish to harm you or your family. Whether you are looking for a visible deterrent or a discreet presence we can provide this to you with minimum disruption to your lifestyle.

Shaun West Associates offer protection from a day-to-day basis up to continuous operational programs to suit your needs. Whether you need security for a certain event, or ‘round the clock’ coverage, both within the UK or over-seas, a bespoke and tailored service can be provided to meet each clients specific requirements.

Residential Security


Unoccupied buildings and residences can often become vulnerable to intrusion. Shaun West Associates can be employed to protect high value homes and business sites whilst the client is away for business, holidays or extended vacation. Highly trained protection can be implemented on a daily, nightly or 24 hour basis to ensure a secure environment.

From securing a high profile building prior to opening through to the provision of 24/7 manned security on-site, SWA will deliver on your fixed site security needs.

Whether you require a temporary guarding contract or a full commitment security program, SWA will deliver a diligent service at your property or business location anywhere in the world.


Residential Protection ensures the safety of yourself and your loved ones whilst both at and away from home. Shaun West Associates provide personnel security to safeguard you up to 24 hours a day and to deter anyone from entering your home or temporary place of residence for such times that you are on vacation. Residential Protection is specifically successful to those who are well known, professionals or those who are wealthy. The growing number of burglary and associated crimes has increased the requirement for such security.

High profile persons, whether in regards to business, media or politics often travel for their career. Shaun West Associates recognise that their clients may be concerned for the comfort and safety of their family whilst away from home, and so have developed a package to protect family and loved ones whilst they are at the family residence.

Clients can put their minds at rest in the knowledge that their loved ones are being protected by the highest calibre CPO’s, either on a daily, nightly on 24 hour basis.


Shaun West Associates provide expertise in the surveillance and private investigation sector. Both corporate and private services are available, alongside individual and group projects.

Your outcome aims will be carefully studied in order to develop a clear and supported strategy in order to achieve a specified conclusion. Services such as partner investigation, asset ownership investigation, activity and movement reporting, communications reporting, property and area reporting, individual background checks and audio/video reporting are available on all scales and requirements.

Surveillance operations maintain a covert and inconspicuous presence, as well as being both reactive to situation and pro-active as deterrent. Shaun West Associates provide a dynamic and highly experienced surveillance programme suitable for clients across a wide scope of professions and lifestyles.

Shaun West Associates maintain close professional relationships with some of the best surveillance officers in the industry.

Asset Protection

The well-promoted wealth gap is putting high value assets at increased risk, especially during transport or when temporarily held at transient sites. SWA offer an asset protection service for high-risk, high-value goods either during transportation or whilst at their static location.

Our specialists are available on a day-to-day basis where a certain asset is considered at risk and can provide full teams where the trading or exchanging of an asset is done. Alternatively, we can provide continuous operational programs and 'round the clock' coverage to assets, either in the UK or elsewhere in the world.


Shaun West Associates provides unbiased, objective and impartial security advice to you and your business.

The Security Consultancy service provides you with bespoke solutions, including security assessment advice and strategic planning, ensuring that you and your clients concerns are met by the best security at all times.

A tailored plan can be developed and adapted to suit your specific requirements, and to meet your budget. After a detailed review with the client – Shaun West Associates will provide you with an analysis and recommendations to advise how to meet your requirements and concerns to the highest level.

Contact Shaun West Associates to discuss your requirements and the level of support that you may require in full confidentiality.


Shaun West Associates provide training courses that benefit those who ever have to visit or work within regions of hostility or diminished law enforcement. Training courses will build participants capability of dealing with potentially dangerous situations and develop awareness of threat in order to support the safety of themselves and others.

A structured training program provides clients with a specific skill set, as well as a comprehensive understanding of risk assessment and response. Shaun West Associates courses will embed the information and skills needed to support your own security alongside that of your security team.

From high level executives to employees training can be tailored and directed to all. The importance of safety and security is essential when working within an environment, which could be at risk. Training courses ensure that everyone can identify signs of risk in order to support the security of the employer or company.

To discuss your training needs please contact through the website.


SWA has provided and continues to provide Residential Security Services for our Principal within his family home in the UK.

Due to the unpredictable nature of our Principal's movements, services are requested with very little notice period involved....

Residential Security Team - UK


Shaun in recent months has carried out a number of very important tasks for me on behalf of a number of clients. Time after time he has delivered and has gone above and beyond what was expected of him.

Nick McCarthy. ABI Solutions


I have known Shaun as a valued member of the HM Revenue and Customs Close Protection Team in Kanadahar, Afghanistan since March 2006. Kandahar is an extremely hostile working environment and as the principal I have always found that Shaun constantly maintai...



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